Have it your way.

When nothing less will do, enjoy the authenticity and quality of Gypsum Hills Natural fractional beef.

Order fractional beef shares in wholes, halves, and quarters from animals raised on our own ranch, Gypsum Hills Ranch, and processed at our own processing facility, Medicine Lodge Meat Company.

What to expect.

Our steers are harvested at 20 to 30 months of age and chilled and aged for 14 to 21 days. They can yield about 460 lbs. of retail cuts—steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat, etc.

Shares are priced by weight, so, due to the difference in animal weights, prices will vary. Here's estimated pricing for the Recommended Cut Plan.

  • Fractional Share
  • Whole Steer
  • Half Steer
  • Quarter Steer

  • Estimated Price
  • $4,540
  • $2,345
  • $1,295

See more details in our Whole Beef Cutting Instructions (PDF).

Get started.

To order your fractional share of beef, simply fill out the below form and we’ll reach out to you soon to clarify your order details.

If you prefer to choose your own cut plan, you can download our Whole Beef Cutting Instructions, fill it out, save the PDF, and email it to alex@gypsumhills.com. Otherwise, give us a call at 312.945.6406.

Try before you buy.

Need to try a taste first? Order a Premium Ground Beef Box or any one of our other boxed sets to help make your decision easier. When you’re ready to purchase a fractional share—if it’s within two weeks—the cost of the boxed set will apply toward your fractional beef.

We aim to please.

Take advantage of our specials and discounts to returning customers, referring customers, and pick-up orders. Call us to learn more at 312.945.6406.

Above and beyond

Above and beyond

For fractional beef shares, we can deliver right to your home in the Wichita metro area.

Pickup available

Pickup available

Pickup is also available at our Medicine Lodge Meat facility.

A smoother process

A smoother process

Our beef is hand-cut at our USDA-certified processing facility.

Customer support

Customer support

Reach out to us with any questions at 316.945.6406 or email us.