We raise grass-fed Gypsum Hills Beef. Nurtured exclusively on the rich grass and deep down goodness found here in the heart of the country.

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The story begins

in the Gypsum Hills of south-central Kansas.

Here lies a
landscape unlike any other
around this country.

Mesas and buttes that inspire
an instinctive understanding.

Where the winds of youth and spring
blow a narrative
of the ages.

A bit of
history then.

During the 1800s,
big steers out of Texas walked their way
to the railhead at Ellsworth, Kansas.

For decades, those lucky cattle romped
onto prolific, nutritious grass, waiting in the sunset of
their happiest days.

At one time, this Gypsum grass land spanned 4,000 square miles, and to this day, paired with the Flint Hills 100 miles to the east, remains the largest source of vegetable protein on earth.

But by the early 2000s, a genetic blight
had entered the scene: the red cedar.

With its insidious reproduction
and ravenous thirst,
the land was sucked dry.


Then, in April of 2016,
A wildfire exploded out of the panhandle,

Assaulting everything in its wake. Greenery and livelihoods
reduced to a tragic crisp.

But in time we have lived
to find something like salvation,
our own amazing grace.

In their self-sacrifice, the estranged cedars have made
right with the land. Freed are the artesian springs
and little brooks now busting through the red dirt.

And the grass, it stands tall once more.
Tall and stout.

The wildfire, known as the Anderson Creek Fire, grew to become the largest in Kansas history, scorching roughly 400,000 acres of prairie and ranch land. Strong winds and dry conditions fueled the spread, and smoke turned the sky orange across the area.


as fifth-generation cowpeople, our lives have been lived
out here in the open.

Built around integrity
and hard work.

And a compelling respect.
Respect for our neighbors. For this grass.
And for the animals in our care.

Our legacies, like those of the cattle we raise,
stand genuine, certain, and true.

Natural order
of things.

Our ranch raises grass-fed Gypsum Hills Beef. Simple. Straightforward. The cattle behind our brand are happy and content, raised on the open grasslands of Kansas.