Natural order
of things.

Gypsum Hills Natural brings you the unmistakable taste of the heartland. Our premium beef will make an impression on your next get-together. It’s that down-home feeling, right from our ranch to your table.

Go for the good bits.

Have your Gypsum Hills Natural beef wholes, halves, and quarters delivered right to your Wichita area home.

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Our grass-fed beef aims to please.

We don’t let up on our own high standards for quality, safety, and customer service.

  • Trusted Hands at Work
    We do it ourselves—from ranching to processing to packaging and shipping. It's the only way we can make sure it's done right.
  • For Our Good Earth
    We use eco-friendly, insulated packaging from Kodiakooler®. Thoroughly tested so your meat arrives at the right temperature every time.
  • Above and Beyond
    For fractional beef shares, we can deliver right to your home in the Wichita metro area.


Out here in the open.

The story begins in the heart of the country, in south-central Kansas. It’s here that Gypsum Hills Natural cattle are raised, nurtured by rich grass, wide-open spaces, and deep respect from their cowpeople caretakers.